Prof. Herzog on Sylvester and Disco

You had asked for a “model presentation/subculture project,” and very coincidentally, a piece I’d been working on for quite a long time was finally published today. It’s a love letter to a video by Sylvester, and while the writing is more informal than most academic papers, it actually reflects a great deal of research. I’d love to hear your comments, and please do check out the video!

Sylvester, “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” / Amy Herzog




First online meeting

Hi Music Industry Seminar,

Hope everyone is taking deep breaths and adjusting to this very surreal new reality we find ourselves in. As always, staying safe, healthy, and sane is the number one priority. My goal with the class moving forward is to A. get you through this with a passing grade and B. provide a space for a little human contact and intellectual stimulation to help alleviate the isolation and anxiety.
Our first meeting will likely be a bit of an experiment, just getting up to speed with the new technology. But between now and Monday, please make sure you have a (free) Zoom account activated ( I’ll hold a roughly 30 minute Zoom session every class from now on, mostly to check in and ask questions about the class, and to have a bit of discussion about the readings and share some clips and notes. I’ll be sending a revised syllabus by Monday, as well as a revised presentation schedule. Given that not everyone has access to high quality wifi, most of the content of the class will happen on the blog. “Presentations” will be posted to the blog to make sure everyone can access them, and they can be in text format or video or audio or slides with voiceover. I’ll also be holding Zoom office hour sessions by appointment.
Here is the link to the meeting (3/23 at 1:40:
I expect there will be some bumps and readjustments to our plan as we go, but know that my main job is to support you in getting through this, and I’m very open to shifting strategies as we go.
One option I’d like to offer right away is to work through the spring break (in that we’re all going to be sitting at home any way) to try to finish the class early. I’m reattaching the letter I sent a few days ago to make sure you all have it .
Please take care and do take the calls to stay home seriously if you can. Please let me know right away if you are in crisis or need help with food/housing/healthcare/mental health support.

Archive Trip on Monday 2/10 postponed

I just heard from the archivist at the Armstrong Archive, and sadly he won’t be able to host us there tomorrow due to illness.

So we will just meet in our regular classroom, and reschedule our visit after he recuperates.

See you all tomorrow in KY315.

Welcome to the Music Industry!

Welcome to the Music Industry course page! This site is a hub for class announcements and handouts. All readings for the course can be found on Blackboard. Links for discussion groups and discussion group assignments are posted here as well. Looking forward to working with you!